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Pink Cupcake Nail Art:

Nail Art

March 28, 2012

nail art Nail Art

Most women absolutely love nail art! If you are one of these types of women, then this site is perfect for you. You won’t be disappointed with our selection, in fact our goal is to have more nail designs than any other website! Have fun browsing our nail art and we hope that you come away with even more creative ideas than you had before. If you have some nail designs that you would like to contribute, make sure you contact us about it.

How We Get Our Nail Art

So you may be wondering how it is we exactly get our unique tutorials, ideas, pictures and designs. We go to the main source of fingernail art inspiration and that is professional nail technicians. Professional nail technicians deal with nails and design art for nails on a daily basis. There is no better resource than them.

Follow Our Manicurists

Every woman has their unique personal style. That unique style shows itself in the way a woman walks, talks, dresses, and how they like their nails to be done. Some women like the art of their nails to be more mellow while others like it to be more bold and flashy. Since we have various professionals providing unique content for this site, you will be able to subscribe to the pro that best fits your style. Subscribers enjoy email updates of new posts, how to guides, reviews, and other related content from their favorite professionals

Peacock Nail Art

June 25, 2012

peacock nail art Peacock Nail Art

Fashion trends and beauty styles are often inspired by the beauty of nature. Peacock nail art is a perfect example of a beautiful nail design that was inspired by nature.

The male peacock’s feathers inspire because of their vibrant colors and simple yet sophisticated design. To match this through nail art can be difficult and maybe that is why there are so many nail designs out there for peacock feather nail art.

This particular design fits into the more simple category because we don’t all have a professional set of nail art tools to use.

Peacock Nail Art Supplies Needed

This design is done using shellac. Shellac is a system of nail polish/gel that was created by CND. Below is the exact list of all the supplies I used to create this peacock nail art.

  1. Shellac Purple Purple Polish
  2. Shellac Ice Cappuccino Polish
  3. Shellac Hotski To Tchotchke Polish
  4. Regular Nail Polish Brush
  5. UV Curing Lamp
  6. Shellac Base Coat
  7. Shellac Top Coat
  8. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  9. Cotton Balls

Peacock Nail Art Steps

First, apply a thin layer of the base coat and cure for 10 seconds.

Second, apply a thin layer of the blue polish over the whole nail. Cure for 2 minutes.

peacock feather nail design Peacock Nail Art

Third, make a teardrop shape in the middle of the nail with the gold polish.

peacock feather nail art Peacock Nail Art

Fourth, apply a big purple dot in the middle of the teardrop to represent the eye of the peacock feather.

peacock nail designs Peacock Nail Art

Fifth, cure for 2 minutes and finish off the top with a swipeof alcohol to remove the sticky residue.

Sixth and final step is to apply a thin top coat, cure for two minutes. After the final coat is cured you need to wipe the nails with 99% isopropyl alcohol in order to remove the sticky residue.

Enjoy your perfect set of peacock nails on all your nails or just one peacock accent nail.

peacock nail art Peacock Nail Art

Nail Art Bows

June 15, 2012

There are many different designs of nail art bows. This tutorial is of a 3D acrylic bow design. Enjoy!

This bow can be used in a variety of different designs.  You can make a smaller or larger version and use it to make any design girly.  It is a very simple but cute touch.  Lets get started!

Supplies needed:

  • Any colored acrylic
  • Small acrylic brush (I like Young  Nails’ Imagination Art brush)
  • Clear acrylic
  • Diamond

Here’s a set of nail art bows that I did on white tips.  I did a bow on each nail, all different neon colors.  You can do this or just one finger, 3 on one finger, etc.
nail art bows Nail Art Bows

Nail Art Bows Tutorial

Step 1:  Start with a file finished nail.
 Nail Art Bows

Step 2:  Start by placing a small pearl off centered.  Depending of the brand of acrylic you are using will depend on if your pearl needs to be wet or dry.  I’m using Young Nails Neon Pink so I need to work dry.
 Nail Art Bows

Step 3:  Using the side of your tiny brush, make a small indent pushing outwards.
 Nail Art Bows

Step 4:  Using the same motions, make 2 more small indents branching off the first.  One on the top, one on the bottom.  Make sure you are pushing outwards with your brush to fan it out.
 Nail Art Bows

Step 5:  Place your second pearl down.  Keep a little distance away from the first one.
 Nail Art Bows

Step 6:  Fan this one out the same way.
 Nail Art Bows

Step 7:  Take a tiny pearl of clear and place in the center of your bow
 Nail Art Bows

Step 8:  Set your diamond right on top of the clear and push it down it.  You can use nail glue to stick your diamond on, but the small bead of acrylic holds it a lot better.
 Nail Art Bows

Step 9:  Apply your gel top coat and you’re done!
 Nail Art Bows

Follow my Mickey Mouse Nail Art Tutorial then add a tiny version of this bow on the ear to make a Minnie Mouse Nail Art!  It’s also cute to put 3 bows down the ring finger.  Thanks for following and if you have any questions about this nail art bows tutorial please do not hesitate to ask using the reply box below!

Mickey Mouse Nail Art

June 11, 2012

mickey mouse nail art Mickey Mouse Nail Art

“M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! MICKEY MOUSE!” ….No, I am not going to give you the whole Mickey Mouse Club song, but I am going to show you how to do some cute mickey mouse nail art! Although, you know that song will be stuck in your head…you’re welcome.

I love my Mickey 3D!  You can paint him or find a decal, but  3D art is so unique!  You can easily turn him into Minnie by adding a 3D red bow (see my 3D bow tutorial).  

So here’s the nail art supplies that you will need:

  • Yellow, Blue and Black Acrylic
  • Clear or Pink Acrylic
  • Tiny acrylic art brush (I love Young Nails Imagination Art brush)
  • Regular size acrylic brush
  • Monomer
  • Gel Top Coat
  • File

Mickey Mouse Nail Art Steps

Step 1:  Prep the nail as usual and start with clean surface.
mickey mouse nail art 1 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 2:  Place a regular size pearl of yellow on the nail to create the tip.
mickey mouse nail art 2 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 3:  Carve in your smile line.
mickey mouse nail art 3 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 4:  Using your tiny acrylic brush, place a small pearl of blue right above the yellow in the center.
mickey mouse nail art 4 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 5:  Pat the blue out keeping the smile line.
mickey mouse nail art 5 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 6:  Cap in clear acrylic, then file finish.
mickey mouse nail art 6 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

I will be demonstrating a small mickey on the tip and a large mickey on the whole nail.  First, I will show the small Mickey Mouse nail art.

Step 7:  Place a small pearl of black on the corner of the tip.
mickey mouse nail art 7 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 8: Pat in out in a circle shape.  This creates the Mickey’s face.  Even though you are creating  3D art, you still want it to be thin.  So make sure you pat it out thin enough.
mickey mouse nail art 8 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 9:  Place a tiny one off to the right to create an ear.  Pat it out the same.
mickey mouse nail art 9 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 10:  Create the left ear.   Make sure when creating the ears that the circles are much smaller than the face.
mickey mouse nail art 10 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

So that is the small mickey.  For your crazier clients, make lots of tiny mickeys all on one nail.  I would only do this on the ring finger, possibly the thumb as well.

Now for the large Mickey Mouse Nail art!

Step 11:  Place a big pearl a little below the center of the nail.  Pat it out.
mickey mouse nail art 11 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 12:  Now the ears.  When you place the ear down, don’t connect it with the face yet.  You want to place it close enough that when you pat it out it connects, but far enough away to look like mickeys ear.

mickey mouse nail art 12 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 13:  Now do the left ear and pat them out.
mickey mouse nail art 13 Mickey Mouse Nail Art
mickey mouse nail art 14 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Here is  a side profile so you can see how thin it is.  You only want it to be raised slightly to give the 3D effect.  If it’s too high and bulky it will catch and bug your client.
mickey mouse nail art 15 Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Step 14:  Now apply your gel top coat and you’re finished!
mickey mouse nail art Mickey Mouse Nail Art

Get crazy and fun with  your designs!  Remember to check out my 3D bow tutorial to turn Mickey Mouse Nail Art into Minnie Mouse Nail Art!