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3D Acrylic Nail Bow on Zebra

April 25, 2012

3d acrylic nail bow 3D Acrylic Nail Bow on Zebra

3D nail art can be a little tricky, but with a little practice you can make some simple designs like bows and flowers. Here I’m going to show you a really simple way to make a 3D acrylic nail bow.

Nail Art Products That I am Using:

CND Acrylic Mosaic in Golden Glass
CND Retention + acrylic powder in Bright White and Clear
CND number 10 brush and Retention + monomer



3d Nail Art Bow Steps:

1. Prep the nail as usual, use either a tip or form to sculpt on
2. Use the Bright White acrylic in zone 1 to form your smile line
3. Finish zones 2 and 3 with clear.
4. Finish file using a 180 grit file, then clean off the dust with alcohol.
5. Using black acrylic paint and a small art brush, draw little squiggly lines to look like zebra stripes. Remember the beautiful thing about animal print is it does not need to be perfect!
6. Now you’re ready to make your bows. You want to work a little bit dryer than normal. Place a very small ball of yellow acrylic on the nail, then form it into a triangle. You could just leave it like this, but I like to make a little dent in the middle of mine with the tip of my brush. Do the same thing for the other side of the bow.
7. For the middle you can put a jewel or an acrylic ball, I’m doing an acrylic ball this time. Place the tiny ball in the middle of the bow, then make a little dent in the middle with your brush.
8. Now is a good time to fix any of the black acrylic paint that got messed up. I just cleaned up a few lines on mine.
9. Once the acrylic paint is completely dry, finish with your favorite gel topcoat. I actually do 2 layers of topcoat when I use acrylic paint, curing for 2 minutes after each layer. This way I don’t have to worry about any of the paint rubbing off.
10. Take off the sticky layer with alcohol and finish with solar oil.

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