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Minnie Mouse Nail Art

April 17, 2012

Minnie Mouse Nail Art Design

This Minnie Mouse nail art that I did was a special client request and everyone seems to love them! It’s surprisingly easy and you can use this technique with many nail art designs.



Nail Supplies Needed For This Minnie Mouse Nail Art:

minnie mouse nail art Minnie Mouse Nail Art

CND Retention + Powder in Clear
CND Retention + Powder in Bright White
CND MOSAIC Powder in Spanish Tile
CND number 10 liquid and powder brush
CND Retention + Sculpting Liquid

Minnie Mouse Design Process:

  1. Prep the nail as usual. Although I personally prefer to sculpt acrylics, for this particular design using tips is easier. Make sure to blend your tips well!
  2. Lay down a thin layer of clear acrylic for a little more thickness. ( I didn’t do that on this tip because I don’t need thickness J )
  3. Place 5 or 6 random white acrylic dots on the extension edge, or zone 1. Complete all 5 nails. (I always just do one hand at a time)
  4. Apply red acrylic over the whole area of zone 1, covering your dots. Make sure to keep your smile line neat, but the rest doesn’t have to be perfect.
  5. Finish zones 2 and 3 with clear acrylic. Be sure to clean your brush well first or you will have your clear acrylic stained pink.
  6. With a carbide bit, shave off the red until you see your white polka dots. Bonus- the underside looks cool too!
  7. Finish filing with a 180 grit file.
  8. With black acrylic paint and a tiny art brush, draw a bow on the side. I just do two triangles touching together.
  9. Once the acrylic paint is dry, finish with your favorite gel topcoat.

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